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Starting Psychotherapy – The Importance of “Fit”

One of the most overlooked aspects of psychotherapy is the “fit” a client has with a therapist. Before I ever take on a new client, I take intentional steps, through an initial brief call (zoom/ phone), to make sure I’m the right person to assist you with your goals. I will first assess whether the issues you’re presenting with are within my scope of practice. This means 2 things. One, do I have the expertise and training necessary to help you and, two, can your issues be effectively addressed in a private practice setting. I also want you to speak with me for a few minutes to determine whether there is enough of a connection/ comfort to begin the therapy process. While a deeper connection does take time to develop, I encourage perspective clients to trust “their gut” on their initial interactions with a potential therapist.

Initial Assessment

Once we determine the fit is appropriate, we set up our initial appointment where I conduct a thorough assessment of a client’s symptoms, relationship patterns, medical history, lifestyle behaviors and will refer for medical evaluations and psychological testing when indicated. I strongly believe in fully understanding the nature of the problem that a client presents with, as I recognize that no two clients are the same nor will they need to same exact intervention. Clients are involved in the conceptualization of the treatment plan and on a regular basis we will review this plan to assess for progress and to determine whether modifications to the plan should occur.

Evidence-Based Treatment

I work diligently to provide clients an atmosphere that is safe and professional. My approach draws on best practices supported by empirical research, as well as regular feedback check-ins about how the process of therapy is working/ not working for a client. I value the unique strengths that clients possess and work hard to enhance these in treatment through a collaborative relationship. I believe it is a client’s right to understand the therapy process at all times and therefore I encourage clients to be informed consumers of the work we do together.

I have successfully helped clients with the following concerns:

  • Alcohol, Drug and Other Addiction Concerns
  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Sexually Compulsive Behaviors
  • Relationship Challenges – Marital, Pre-Marital, Family
  • Sports Psychology or Performance Related Concerns
  • Childhood Abuse – Sexual, Physical and/ or Emotional
  • Male Mental Health Concerns - Click here for more information on my work with boy's and men.
  • Pre-Marital Counseling – certified PREPARE/ ENRICH provider
  • Couples Counseling, including couples struggling with infertility

Getting Started

If you have interest in receiving counseling services, please call 310-924-2432 or e-mail My goal is to get you to the right type of service to address your concerns. In many cases, I am able to help those that inquire about services. Currently, I have a wait-list to clients to get started in psychotherapy. Sometimes, it’s appropriate to wait to get started, but other times I will strongly recommend you seek services with a psychotherapist who has more immediate availability.

Cost for Services

Please call or e-mail to discuss my assessment and counseling fees.


While I do not accept reimbursement from insurance companies or serve on any insurance panels, I am happy to provide a statement that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please call your insurance company to see what coverage you have with out-of-network providers.