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As a licensed mental health professional, certified executive coach and highly sought-out trainer and consultant, I have a long history of supporting successful individuals, families and companies working through challenging times and helping guide them to a better place.

Clients appreciate my decisive, nurturing, outcome-focused and collaborative approach. As my company name implies, I’m invested in helping to create meaningful, long-lasting changes in the lives of my clients. We’ll work together until you’ve accomplished your goals.  Most of my clients come to me by word of mouth from individuals and companies who have been extremely satisfied with our outcomes and want the same for those they know.

For therapy, I see men, women, young adults and teens, and couples from very diverse backgrounds. Universities, corporations (large and small), non-profits and other government agencies seek out my services for executive coaching and training/ consulting.

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Whatever your needs are at this time, please reach out so we can set up a time for a 15-minute phone or zoom call.

“People are the undisputed experts on themselves. No one has been with them longer, or knows them better than they do themselves.” – Dr. William Miller

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Meet Robert Scholz

Thanks for your interest in learning about my work. For some, a visit to this page is a beginning place as you begin to consider making a change in your personal or work life. For others, you’ve been down that road before and the idea that “things could get better” doesn’t feel likely. I meet my clients where they are and help them develop a plan for change that works for them. Click here to learn more about my experiences and approach.

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